XML on z/OS and OS/390: introduction to a service-oriented by IBM Redbooks, Franck Injey

By IBM Redbooks, Franck Injey

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ThePublisher: solutionIBM is XSL transformations. The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) specification Pub Date: June 11, 2003 describes powerful tools to accomplish the required transformation of XML data. XSL consists of: ISBN: 0-7384-2615-6 Pages: 264 The XSL Transformations (XSLT) language for transformation Formatting Objects (FO), a vocabulary for describing the layout of documents XSLT uses the XML Path Language (XPath), a separate specification that describes a means of addressing XML documents and defining simple queries.

Publisher: IBM data structure Next, the new data structure is formatted, for example in HTML or as text, and finally the data is ready for display. Figure 1-1 shows the source tree from the XML document shown in Example 1-13. Leverage XML and XSL-based applications on z/OS and OS/390 Figure 1-1. DOM tree Design concepts for Web services architectures on z/OS Implement solutions based on practical examples This IBM Redbook describes the use of XML on IBM servers running z/OS or OS/390, and how it can be extended to modernize legacy applications.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea what kind of things can be selected. Table 1-1. XPath Symbol Meaning / Refer to immediate child // Refer to any child in the node . Refer to actual context * Refer to all elements in the actual node • Table of Contents •@ Index Refer to an attribute XML on z/OS and OS/390: Introduction to a Service-Oriented Architecture @* Refer to all attributes in the actual node By Franck Injey, Jose Luis Fernandez Lastra, Dipak Hore, David Sanchez Carmona XPath models an XML document as a tree of nodes, as follows: Publisher: IBM Pub Date: June 11, 2003 -ISBN: Root0-7384-2615-6 nodes Pages: 264 - Element nodes - Attribute nodes - Text nodes Leverage - Namespace XML nodes and XSL-based applications on z/OS and OS/390 Design - Processing concepts instruction for Web nodes services architectures on z/OS Implement - Commentsolutions nodes based on practical examples The basic This IBM Redbook syntacticdescribes constructthe in XPath use ofisXML the on expression.

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