Analysis and Geometry: MIMS-GGTM, Tunis, Tunisia, March by Ali Baklouti, Aziz El Kacimi, Sadok Kallel, Nordine Mir

By Ali Baklouti, Aziz El Kacimi, Sadok Kallel, Nordine Mir

This booklet comprises chosen papers awarded on the MIMS (Mediterranean Institute for the Mathematical Sciences) - GGTM (Geometry and Topology Grouping for the Maghreb) convention, held in reminiscence of Mohammed Salah Baouendi, a most famous determine within the box of a number of advanced variables, who gave up the ghost in 2011. All learn articles have been written via major specialists, a few of whom are prize winners within the fields of advanced geometry, algebraic geometry and research. The e-book bargains a important source for all researchers drawn to fresh advancements in research and geometry.

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Spherical equivalence implies homotopy equivalence and the converse is obviously false. We note that if f and g are homotopy equivalent in target dimension M0 , then they are homotopy equivalent in target dimension M if M ≥ M0 . We continue with the following results from [10]. 3 Let f : S 2n−1 → S 2N −1 and g : S 2n−1 → S 2K −1 be sphere maps. Then f and g are homotopic in target dimension M if M ≥ n + max(N , K ). P. 1 Let S denote the set of homotopy classes (of rational maps and in target dimension N ) of proper rational maps f : Bn → B N .

As it has been emphasized in [18] that the characteristic of being unrelated to any scale is measured 0 (see for example [6] for a detailed exposition on Besov using the Besov norm B˙ 2,∞ spaces), this gives rise to ∇ f αn 0 (R 2 ) B˙ 2,∞ −→ 0, as n → ∞ . 6) Actually in [11], we have generalized this phenomenon to the 2ND case, which N (R2N ) does not embed into the Orlicz implies that the classical Besov space B2,∞ space L(R2N ). 1 that a more suitable Besov space built up from the logarithmic Littlewood-Paley decomposition embeds in the Orlicz space.

1, 91–108 (1990) 21. J. Lebl, Normal forms, Hermitian operators, and CR maps of spheres and hyperquadrics. Michigan Math. J. 60(3), 603–628 (2011) 22. J. Lebl, H. Peters, Polynomials constant on a hyperplane and CR maps of spheres. Illi. J. Math. 56(1), 155–175 (2012) 23. E. Løw, Embeddings and proper holomorphic maps of strictly pseudoconvex domains into polydiscs and balls. Mathematische Zeitschrift 190(3), 401–410 (1985) 24. M. Putinar, C. Scheiderer, Sums of Hermitian squares on pseudoconvex boundaries.

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