Aisha Ali and the Art of Presenting Dance on Film: An by Jaynie Aydin

By Jaynie Aydin

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However, as in his ideas of longevity, Bacon's discussion of economics did manifest efforts to transcend the intrinsic, traditional limitations. While he continued to be suspicious of large-scale banking and jointstock companies, he did call for the systematic loosening of credit to encourage expansion in trade and industry. He clearly appreciated the potentialities of what he called the "above ground mines" of the Netherlands with their flourishing commerce and enterprising population. Bacon did show a glaring lack of appreciation for inventions in the methodology of the economic revolution; for example, double-entry bookkeeping, giro banking and price discounting.

Careful readers of the book, however, will always remember him not only as a most charming autobiographer, but also as a man, who, having successfully solved one of life's most difficult problems, labored to encourage in others those habits which had proved so advantageous in his own case. His assurance that, after all, this world would be a most delightful place if people would but live temperately, is the burden of his message to mankind; and who, today, is ready to declare him wrong in his assertion that man, by the weak indulgence of his appetites, has always shortened his life and failed to reap the countless blessings within his reach?

Translated into Latin, as also into many modern languages, it has been popular wherever studied. Slight as the book is, it has, and will continue to have, a permanent place in general literature; though we believe it may be questioned if many in this country, even among the most cultured readers, have had an opportunity of reading it. To those only imperfectly acquainted with his story, Cornaro is merely a famous valetudinarian, who was enabled, by temperate living, to pass the age of a hundred.

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