Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: Reflections on

With this e-book, Onn Shehory and Arnon Sturm, including extra members, introduce the reader to varied elements of agent-oriented software program engineering (AOSE). they supply a specific selection of cutting-edge findings, which mixes study from info platforms, man made intelligence, disbursed structures, and software program engineering and covers crucial improvement facets of agent-based systems.

The e-book chapters are prepared into 5 elements. the 1st half introduces the AOSE area regularly, together with advent to brokers and the peculiarities of software program engineering for constructing MAS. the second one half describes common points of AOSE, like architectural types, layout styles, and conversation. subsequent, half 3 discusses AOSE methodologies and linked study instructions, and elaborates on Prometheus, O-MaSE, and INGENIAS. half 4 then addresses agent-oriented programming languages. ultimately, the 5th half offers experiences concerning the implementation of brokers and multi-agent systems.

The ebook not just offers a entire evaluation of layout methods for specifying agent-based structures, but in addition covers implementation points comparable to verbal exchange, criteria, and instruments and environments for constructing agent-based platforms. it truly is therefore of curiosity to researchers, practitioners, and scholars who're attracted to exploring the agent paradigm for constructing software program structures.

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