After America (The Disappearance, Book 2) by John Birmingham

By John Birmingham

March 14, 2003, used to be the day the area replaced endlessly. A wave of strength slammed into North the United States and devastated the continent. The U.S. army, poised to invade Baghdad, was once left and not using a commander in leader. worldwide order spiraled into chaos. Now, 3 years later, a skeleton U.S. executive founded in Seattle directs the reconstruction of a complete nation—and the conflict for brand spanking new York urban has begun.

Pirates and international militias are swarming the East Coast, taking every little thing they could. The president involves the Declared safety region of latest York and rarely survives the stopover at. The enemy—whoever they are—controls Manhattan’s concrete canyons and the deserted flatlands of big apple. The U.S. army, suffering from sketchy communications and an absence of provides, is mired in a nightmare of city combat.

Caught up within the violence is a Polish-born sergeant who watches the carnage in the course of the eyes of an highbrow and with the center of a warrior. smugglers, the highborn woman Julianne Balwyn and her brawny companion Rhino, look for a treasure whose key lies inside of an higher East aspect long island condo. hundreds of thousands of miles away, a rogue basic leads the secession of Texas and a brutal crusade opposed to immigrants, whereas Miguel Pieraro, a Mexican-born rancher, fights again. And in England, a U.S. designated ops agent is named right into a violent shadow warfare opposed to an enemy that has come after her and her family.

The president is a stranger to the army frame of mind, yet now this mild-mannered urban engineer from the Pacific Northwest must make a soldier’s selection. With big apple clutched within the grip of millions of seriously armed predators, is an all-out assault at the urban the one solution to retailer it?
From the geopolitics of post-American dominance to the fallout of Israel’s nuclear strike, After the United States provides a gripping, clever, and harrowing chronicle of a global within the maw of chaos—and lives lived within the risky sunrise of an odd new future.

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