Advanced Graphics with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

By Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

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Again the general form of the curve about the origin is (R cos ex, R sin ex) but now ex varies between angles (3 to (3 + 2N7T, where (3 (the parameter BETA) is the initial angle that the normal to the spiral makes with the positive x-axis , and N is the 38 Advanced Graphics with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum number of turns in the spiral. The radius R is no longer a constant value, but varies with the value of a : if RMAX is the outer radius of the spiral then R is given by the formula R = RMAX(a - (3)/2Nrr Note that this routine, which centres the spiral at (XCENT, YCENT), causes no side-effects because we reset the origin back to its original position before leaving the routine.

Each point in space may now be classified by two parameters IX and IY where (1) IX =-1, 0 or +1 depending on whether the x-coordinate value of the point lies to the left, on or to the right of the graphics area; (2) IY =-1 ,0 or +1 depending on whether the y-coordinate of the point lies below, on or above the graphics rectangle. These values are calculated, when needed, inside the algorithm program . If the two points at the end of the line segment - that is, (XA , YA) and (XB, VB) - have parameters IXA and IYA, and IXB and IYB respectively, then there are a number of possibilities to consider.

Listing 2. 5 150 GO SUB set or i gi n 1 59 REM de c Lare and i nput ve r t i cES of poL ygon. 1 If we are using the Spectrum then it is possible to draw pictures in a variety of colours. But before drawing it is necessary to set the colour using the INK operation . Write a routine 'setcolour' with one integer parameter COLINK that achieves this . 2 In all the plotting routines above, the scale of the mapping (XYSCALE) is fixed once and for all; and the horizontal and vertical scaling factors are identical.

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