Ada 2005 Ref. Manual - Lang., Std. Libs. by S. Taft, et. al.,

By S. Taft, et. al.,

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2). 7/2 An implementation may provide nonstandard real types, descendants of root_real that are declared outside of the specification of package Standard, which need not have all the standard characteristics of a type defined by a real_type_definition. 2). Any type descended from a nonstandard real type is also nonstandard. An implementation may place arbitrary restrictions on the use of such types; it is implementation defined whether operators that are predefined for “any real type” are defined for a particular nonstandard real type.

Min_Int .. Max_Int. Max_Nonbinary_Modulus if not. 7 Static Semantics The set of values for a signed integer type is the (infinite) set of mathematical integers, though only values of the base range of the type are fully supported for run-time operations. The set of values for a modular integer type are the values from 0 to one less than the modulus, inclusive. 8 A signed_integer_type_definition defines an integer type whose base range includes at least the values of the simple_expressions and is symmetric about zero, excepting possibly an extra negative value.

10 There is a predefined signed integer subtype named Integer, declared in the visible part of package Standard. It is constrained to the base range of its type. 11 Integer has two predefined subtypes, declared in the visible part of package Standard: 12 subtype Natural is Integer range 0 .. Integer'Last; subtype Positive is Integer range 1 .. Min_Int .. Max_Int. However, the base range of the new type is not inherited from root_integer, but is instead determined by the range or modulus specified by the integer_type_definition.

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