A Reappraisal of the Ascending Systems in Man, with Emphasis by Prof. Dr. Enrico Marani, Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Enrico Marani, Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen (auth.)

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Bp in section 41). 7 Spinoreticular Projections Spinoreticular projections can be visualized in the Nauta-impregnated sections only; in the Häggqvist-stained material visible degeneration in the reticular formation is extremely scanty. From the area of the lateral reticular nucleus a great number of degenerated fibers enter the reticular formation. The spinoreticular projection is mostly aimed toward the caudal medulla. The fibers terminate in the ventral subnucleus of the central nucleus of the medulla oblongata and in the adjoining portion of the dorsal subnucleus.

The termination of spinal fibers in the nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontinus, of which the efferent connections are unknown in man, is remarkable because it is the most caudal end station of fibers from the globus pallidus (Nauta and Mehler 1966). After lesions of the cord no degenerated fibers could be found in somatic motor nuclei such as the supraspinal nucleus and the nuclei of the hypoglossal, trigeminal, and facial nerves. Mehler et al. (1960) established a projection in man of spinal fibers to the facial motor nucleus and the supraspinal nuclei, but we noticed only degeneration in the latter nucleus in cases of section of the first two cervical dorsal roots.

Striking is the reticulate aspect of the medial lemniscus all along its course through the midbrain; this is caused by great quantities of delicate cortical fibers, splitting the lemniscus up into numerous bundles. Still more rostrally, its clubshaped appearance still containing the thalamopetal bundle, the lemniscus borders the medial geniculate body. At the level of the posterior commissure the vertical limb of the medial lemniscus shortens and, bending medially, approaches the dorsal margin of its horizontal limb.

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