A Contextualistic Worldview: Essays by Lewis E. Hahn by Professor Emeritus Lewis E Hahn PhD

By Professor Emeritus Lewis E Hahn PhD

This feature of articles by way of Lewis E. Hahn addresses the philosophical college of contextualism and 4 modern American philosophers: John Dewey, Henry Nelson Wieman, Stephen C. Pepper, and model Blanshard.            Stressing the particularly contemporary contextualistic worldview, which he considers the best international hypotheses, Hahn seeks to accomplish a large standpoint in which all issues might be given their due position. After supplying a short define, Hahn explains contextualism on the subject of different philosophies. In his beginning bankruptcy, as in later chapters, he expresses contextualism as a kind of pragmatic naturalism. even with Hahn’s excessive regard for contextualism, although, he doesn't imagine it might be stable if we have been constrained to a unmarried worldview. “The extra various perspectives we've got and the extra diverse resources of attainable gentle we now have, the higher our probabilities that a few of these cosmic maps will make clear our international and our position in it.”

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In some instances further information may be needed before we can deduce the implications of a given hypothesis. Then on the basis of our survey of the probable consequences of the various proposed solutions we decide which to put to the test of action. (5) The fifth and final step is that of verification or disconfirmation. Through observation or experiment we test the most promising hypothesis or hypotheses. If one of them works out, our problem is solved, the difficulty is cleared up, the doubt or perplexity is resolved; and once more stable lines of action are resumed.

Or does it depend on what one is attempting to analyze and why? At any rate, more and more explanations were being given in terms of origin and development, in terms of phases of a career or history, whether with reference to the stars and galactic systems, or to the constituents of matter, or to plants and animals, or to linguistics, or to economic institutions, or to religion and cultural patterns. And increasingly the genetic emphasis has entered into the analyses of investigators in such fields as experimental physiology, experimental psychology, ecology, physical and cultural anthropology, social psychology, sociology, comparative religion, institutional 12 Contextualism and Cosmic Evolution-Revolution and historical economics, linguistics, and a host of new social sciences appearing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

A complete answer would require volumes, but, fortunately, the main outlines can be suggested in fairly brief compass. Central for the contextualistic philosophy in this regard are (1) change and the ways of dealing with the changing and (2) a naturalistic approach framed in terms of the biological matrix of experience; and it is difficult to discuss either of these sets of points in such fashion as to illuminate the changed outlook stemming from the controversies over evolution without assuming the other.

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