2nd Tac. Air Force [V. 3 - From the Rhine to Victory, Jan - by C. Shores, et. al.,

By C. Shores, et. al.,

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There is one fuel assembly in each CCP. The process continues until a reactorreload quantity of fuel has been accumulated for refueling. 5' hatch in the reactor containment building (RCB) wall. When the new fuel assembly arrives at the reactor, it is discharged from the EVTM into a transfer position on the periphery of the reactor core in the reactor vessel. 38 Fig. 6. CRBRP reactor refueling system. 39 At this point, the new core component is available for handling by the in-vessel transfer machine (IVTM).

An overall plan view of the FFTF reactor refueling facilities is shown in Fig. 2. The principal exreactor component is the closed loop ex-vessel machine (CLEM), shown in Fig. 3. The CLEM loads all components into the reactor vessel and removes all components from the reactor core. Fresh driver fuel and all SNF is transferred to and from the reactor in a core component pot (CCP) that can be inserted or removed through one of three fuel transfer ports in the reactor vessel top cover. The in-reactor components consist of three in-vessel handling machines (IVHMs) plus the three in-vessel storage modules.

This will alter the refueling operations (Fig. 11) compared with those for a helium-cooled PBRs. A salt-cooled PBR could have a zone under the reactor that contains vertical neutron absorbers. If the coolant level is decreased or the salt temperature increases sufficiently, the pebbles would go into a subcritical environment. A graphite outlet plenum structure with a metallic reactor cover would be located at the top of the reactor core to allow coolant flow out of the reactor core and collect the pebbles for transfer to the fueling machine.

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